• Let him live (Essai)

    Everybody was surprisingly calm. I always imagined the end of the world as pure chaos. Everyone would be running and screaming... I guess we just accepted things to end. I watched the children getting in the carriages as the clock of the station was showing "25 minutes left". We heard a loud sound coming from the West. The bombs flew above our heads ans disapeared a thousand kilometers away. Another town had fell. Why were they killing us ? Why did we have to die ? And most of all, why did they give us a count down ? The clock was now showing "23 minutes left". I looked at the children again. Why were they smiling ?Were they taken somewhere safe ? I suddenly envied them. I was scared, I didn't want to die.

    Suddenly, he took my hand. He was here, finally. I couldn't have done it without him by my side.He smiled and he made a joke about being late at the very end of the world. I laughed.

    I realised I wasn't scared anymore. I was just sad. I didn't want him to die. Nevermind me, I just wanted to save him. I would have given anything to let him live.

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